Mailchimp Integration


The Mailchimp Integration - How does it work, and how do I set it up?

Thursday, 16th November 2017 - Team Goody

The Goody-Mailchimp integration enables you to easily link your MailChimp account to your Goody Merchant Centre. 

If you're new to marketing or sending email marketing, the integration takes the pain out of exporting your marketing subscribers and makes it easy for you to manage your list. 

If you've already got a MailChimp account you can use the integration to save time importing and exporting your Goody database. 

Overview of the integration: 

This feature allows a merchant to keep their Goody database in sync with a MailChimp list. It does this by;

  • Uploading any customer that scans in-store, and allows the merchant to access their email displayed in your MailChimp account
  • If the user unsubscribes from an email sent using Goody or MailChimp email, the user will be marked as unsubscribed in both software systems.
  • Goody can sync one list per client. If you have multiple stores then users across all stores are uploaded to a single list. The list is grouped by store giving you the option of sending to all your customers, or just ones from a particular store using MailChimp “groups” feature. 

Things to note - Please test thoroughly before switching on another integration to your MailChimp account when linked with Goody. We cannot be responsible for any third party integration that may affect changes to your MailChimp account. 

Why you should integrate: 

There are some features within Goody that don't allow for custom email styling or campaigns. By syncing Goody with your existing MailChimp account, you're empowering existing marketing teams with the tools they're familiar with. The system provides a secondary source of customers which help make your overall marketing a success - a win for any marketer! 

You will need:

How do I set it up? 

  1. In your MailChimp account select 'account', click 'extras' and navigate to 'API keys'. 
  2. Select 'create key'.
  3. You should create a separate list dedicated to all your Goody members. This should be an empty list dedicated to holding your Goody database. If there are existing users on the list that are unsubscribed this could unsubscribe Goody members from your Goody database, so it's important you sync this with a newly created list. 
  4. To do this click 'lists', 'choose/create a list', 'settings' and create the 'List name' and defaults. 
  5. Finish creating your list and copy the 'listID' and your API key. Click here to find your list ID. To find your API key follow these instructions
  6. Copy your list ID and API key - keep this somewhere safe. 
  7. You will now need to go to your Goody merchant centre account and sign-in. Once you've signed in, click your 'settings' tab, and click 'apps'. 
  8. Enable the 'MailChimp' sync. Click 'manage'. 
  9. You'll be prompted to enter your API key and your ListID you kept safe. Enter these details. 
  10. Click 'save' to save these settings and start syncing data between your Goody merchant account and your MailChimp list. You can disable this at any time by clicking the 'disable' button. 

Things to note:

As mentioned above, you can only sync your database to one list. We recommend creating a separate list of all your Goody members. If you have many stores, you'll need to filter based on store details which should be migrated across to your 'list' and 'group' details.