Neighbourly offers


Neighbourly offers - How does it work, and how do I advertise my offers?

Tuesday, 21st November 2017 - Team Goody

When you list or send a coupon offer, you have the option to list your offers throughout our partner channels. One of these channels is Neighbourly, which is a free and private website that allows neighbours to easily meet and interact.

The Neighbourly integration, allows a merchant to list their coupon offers on their Neighbourly business listing and on the home-page of the Neighbourly website. Helping you acquire local customers that are active on Neighbourly.

Overview of Neighbourly offers

This feature allows a merchant to list their coupon offers which are made discoverable to Neighbourly members. It does this by;

  • Uploading your public offer to your Neighbourly business page
  • Uploading your public offer to the “Goody offers” section of the Neighbourly website.
  • Displaying only ‘near me’ offers to Neighbourly members.

Why you should list an offer

A significant amount of store customers are acquired from local neighbourhoods. This feature allows you to entice local customers in-store that have possibly never visited.

How a member uses an offer

Members discover your offer by browsing their Neighbourly newsfeed. By clicking on your offer, they’re directed to the Goody offers directory. A member can add your offer to their account and they’re sent redeem instructions.

You will need:

  • An offer to publicly list
  • Approval from Goody (which is acquired when creating an offer).
  • Access to your Goody merchant centre
  • Terms and conditions to apply to your offer.
  • Imagery to upload to your offer.

How do I set this up?

  1. When creating an offer, select the ‘store’ the offer is available for.
  2. Enter an offer title
  3. Set the offer audience to ‘public’
  4. Set the default offer expiry period
  5. Enter a description of the offer
  6. Include any fine print associated with the offer
  7. Set the type of offer (either a $ off promotion or a percentage off).
  8. Define how many times a customer can redeem the offer.
  9. Define whether you’d like this offer featured within the app (a representative may be in touch).
  10. Enter the maximum dollar value off or percentage off
  11. Enter the amount the member will save when using this offer. This updates their savings balance.
  12. Attach imagery to promote your offer. The first image is the primary image which will be used to promote the offer.
  13. Save the offer

All publicly listed offers are subject to approval by Goody and you will be notified before proceeding with any offer listing. Goody may help apply additional terms and conditions and provide guidance when necessary.  

Things to note:

  • Offers are only displayed to Neighbourly members which are near your business locations. Neighbourly uses ‘near me’ filters based on Neighbourhood activity. It may not be appropriate to list an offer if your business relies on travelling members.
  • Offers are currently restricted to Auckland during Beta testing.