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The Website Sign Up Widget - How does it work, and how do I set it up?

Friday, 17th November 2017 - Team Goody

The Goody sign up widget enables your website customers to sign up for your loyalty rewards program, directly from your website. 

Overview of the website widget:

This feature allows a merchant to sign up customers for their loyalty rewards program via their website. It does this by; 

  • Uploading any customer that registers, and allows the merchant to access their email displayed in your Goody account. If you're a multi-site operator (ie. you have many stores), then you'll need to talk to our staff about the best way to set up your online registration. 
  • Displays your store branding and logo on your website. 
  • Subscribes your users to marketing (pending they've accepted terms).

Things to note - your customers will receive a welcome email. The user can also sign into the widget to view their balance after verification.

Why you should use it: 

If you operate a multi-channel store where you're reliant on website customers, or if you're simply wanting to sign up online customers for your loyalty program, then the website widget is a great solution. The sign-up process provides a secondary source of members, which help make your overall loyalty marketing a success!

You will need:

How do I set it up? 

For a single store:

  1. In your Goody account select 'settings', click 'apps' and navigate to 'website sign up'. 
  2. Click 'enable'
  3. Click 'manage'
  4. Click 'require birthdate'
  5. Click 'save changes'
  6. You'll be shown instruction details on how to install on your website. You'll need to copy and paste the code supplied and send it to your website developer. A customer will be able to register their email directly with you.

**Please note we cannot install website code on your website, you will either need to discuss this with your developer or contact your website administrator. 

I've updated it, now what? 

Don't stop there!

It's important that you promote the page to new visitors on your website. That means you should be thinking about what you're communicating to the customer and how you're incentivising them to join your rewards programme. Remember to talk about the rewards on offer, and what they'll get by transacting more frequently with your store. Promote the sign-up page via your social media feeds, and throughout any marketing subscribed database. Here's a quick checklist of questions: 

  • Have you styled/designed the page? 
  • What are you telling your customers? How do you want them to respond? 
  • What does your customer receive for joining? 
  • Why should you customer join? 
  • Where are you promoting the page? 
  • How are you going to actively send online customers to this page?
  • Have you asked a customer what they think of the page? Do they understand what they get for joining? 

For multiple stores: Please contact Goody support to help guide you through any multiple stores set up.  This may involve creating a separate store list dedicated towards online sign-ups.