Adding and Removing Points - Twin Tablet


If you simply need to add points to an existing customer account or if you've just switched your loyalty program to Goody Card, and don't want your clients to lose out on their existing loyalty points, it's easy to transfer them over to Goody Card.

But first, you need to be a store manager or staff member with authority to add points to a customer's account

For a twin tablet:

(1) On the staff screen tap 'Customer', tap 'Choose Customer', tap the customer's email address

(2) On the keyboard type in the 'Spend Amount' and tap 'Register Payment'

Removing points: 

To remove points from a customer, click the 'Rubbish Bin' icon. This will remove the point transaction from the customer's balance. 

Adding bonus points:

Under the keyboard tap 'Reward & Offer' and tap any bonus points you wish to add