Connecting to WiFi


You will need your WiFi username and password. If you do not know your WiFi username or password, you will need to contact your internet provider or person in charge of your WiFi. 

We do not recommend connecting to any 'Free Wi-Fi networks' as these are often unreliable and unsafe. Please be sure to check your connection has at least 2 bars of signal strength before connecting. A weak connection will mean the device may run slow or become unreliable. 

Step to take: 

1. The app should open and display the Goody Card home screen. You will see an icon labelled 'Tap to scan'. 

2. Press 'Tap to scan'. 

3. With two fingers, double click the image of the phone. This will open up the WiFi help center. 

4. Click the 'Continue' button to move to the Update WiFi screen

5. Click on the 'Set up WiFi' button. Choose which network connection you would like to connect to. You will need to enter your WiFi username and password. Make sure you're connecting to your private network and not a public network. 

6. Click Connect

If the above instructions, still don't work, please contact our support team to help.