How do you redeem offers in the Goody app?


Here's how to redeem an offer you've saved or been sent:  

1. Get the Goody app
Search for Goody in the app store and login to your account.

2. Find the offer in you 'saved offer tab'
The offer will be saved to your home screen. If you can't see it, try the search button. 

3. Visit the local business and show staff the offer.
Present your offer when you go to pay. Ask staff to redeem the offer by sliding the redeem button or by scanning the offer on the tablet (if they have one). 

4. Get goodies. Repeat!
The retailer will discount the sale and the savings are yours to keep!



It is not necessary to identify yourself as a Goody Member when transacting at an Offer listed merchant. You will, however, need to present your phone at the time of requesting your bill or at the time of transacting, in order to redeem your offer.

To redeem an offer, you will need to either;

Scan on the tablet device and select the offer you would like to redeem. This only occurs if the merchant is a Goody listed business and has a tablet at their venue.   


Allow staff to redeem via your phone, by sliding the ‘Redeem’ button.

In most instances, you will need to use the Goody app in order to redeem your offer. If you've received an email by Goody in relation to an offer loaded, and you're a registered Goody member, you can redeem your offer using your Goody Card and scan on the tablet device. You will need to select from the redeem page, in order to redeem your offer.

Common problems: 

Goody requires your location services switched on, to redeem an offer. This ensures that you don’t mistakenly redeem an offer you’re not intending to use. 

If you’re trying to redeem an app offer, or you see an error message when you try to redeem your offer, try the solutions below. 


  1. Go to your phone ‘settings’
  2. Select location services
  3. Ensure the Google's Location Service check box is ticked
  4. Tap Agree
  5. Ensure the GPS check box is ticked
  6. Ensure the Location & Google Search check box is ticked
  7. Tap Agree
  8. Tap the Home key to return to the home screen

*Please ensure you’re at the merchant’s location in order to redeem your offer.


  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Select ‘Privacy’
  3. Select ‘Location services’
  4. Select ‘Goody Card’
  5. Enable/switch this on

*Please ensure you’re at the merchant’s location in order to redeem your offer.

Why should I activate my location?

It’s the easiest way to find your nearest Goody location and it means you can redeem your offers.

Still having issues? Contact our support line by emailing If you’re having issues with a merchant not honouring your offer, please contact support immediately.

I’m at the location but still can’t redeem my offer?

If you’re sure you are at the business location but you still can’t redeem your offer, then please contact us at or call us 8AM – 5PM, Monday to Friday on 0800 10 33 32.

The merchant won't redeem my offer? 

The merchant advertised should have requested to advertise their offer within the Goody network. Goody lists their offers and this is initiated or created by the merchant. Goody is not the promoter of any offers. The merchant will need to redeem the offer. If staff are unwilling to redeem your offer, it's important you notify us of this by calling us on 0800 10 33 32 or emailing us at