How to add an offer


What are offers? 

Offers can be anything you give to your customers. 

They can be discounts, vouchers, freebies and more! You can be creative, but you should try to give your customers offers they actually WANT. 

If you're unsure what they want, then it pays to actually ask your customers - it's the best form of feedback.

How to add an offer:

  1. Sign in to your merchant center. 
  2. Click 'Offers'
  3. Click 'Add offer'
  4. Type in the offer title
  5. Type in the offer description. This is for internal use, to let your staff know what the offer is related to. 
  6. Type in any fine print related to the offer. Be sure to include all necessary terms and conditions related to your offer. 
  7. Click 'Save Offer'

Your offer should now be saved.