How to set up/create an Announcement Campaign


What is an announcement campaign? 

Announcement campaigns keep your customers up to date with news about your business. It can be anything important you'd like to tell your customers about. These are things such as; events, change in ownership, new products/services, changes in policy etc. 

It's important that you only send customers the information they want to receive, otherwise, they will simply unsubscribe from your communications. 

Here's how to set up/create an announcement campaign: 

1. Sign in to the merchant centre. You will need access to PC or laptop. To sign in, please visit the business pages of our website

2. Hover over 'Campaigns'

3. Click 'Standard'

4. On the right hand side, select 'Announcement campaign'

5. Type in the email campaign headline. This is also used as the email subject line, plus the title - so it needs to be something catchy! For instance, Summer is here - Get double points! 

6. Upload a photo and reposition

7. Type in some details about the announcement you are sending. Keep this short, sharp and to the point. 

8. Type in any fine print (terms and conditions). This is optional, but it is important you include terms and conditions into anything you're sending, where this an offer, terms, definitions, or things that simply need to be explained

9. Click 'Send as soon as possible' or 'Send at a specific time'

10. 'Send as soon as possible' will send the campaign within the next hour. 'Send at a specific time' will let you choose a date and time. 

11. Send a preview of the email by clicking 'Send preview' and typing in your email address

12. Make sure you have checked all your spelling and grammar. It always pays to get someone else to read what you're sending, so that you've made sure it all makes sense. You should try to check your email at least three times, before sending it.

13. Click 'Send Campaign'

14. Click 'Begin the campaign'

15. Until your campaign is sent, you'll be able to see it in the 'Scheduled' tab. 

That's it!