How to set up/create a Bring 'em back campaign - *Video Coming Soon!*


Setting up a bring em back campaign

Bring 'em back campaigns send an offer to your customers. This offer is automatically loaded to their Goody Card account. It's important that you give your customers an offer they actually want! If you're unsure what to offer your customers, then the best feedback is simply to ask them! 

Before sending a Bring 'em back campaign, you will need to have your offers set up. Please visit the 'How to set up an offer' help file and video for more information. 

Setting up a Bring-Em Back Campaign from Goody Card 

How to set up a Bring 'em back campaign: 

1. Sign in to the merchant centre. You will need access to PC or laptop. To sign in, please visit the business pages of our website

2. Hover over the 'Campaigns' tab, and click 'Standard'

3. On the right-hand side click 'Add new campaign'

4. On the right-hand side, click 'Start a campaign' in the Bring 'em back banner

5. Fill in the required fields

6. Give it a catchy title 

7. Select when you would like the offer to expire

8. Upload a photo and drag to reposition as necessary. Images need to be 600 x 300 pixels

9. Describe the offer. Keep it short, sharp and to the point. 

10. Type any fine print (terms and conditions) that are associated with the offer. 

11. Click 'Send as soon as possible' or 'Send at a specific time'. 'Send as soon as possible' will send the campaign within the next hour. 'Send at a specific time' will let you choose a date and time. 

12. Send a preview of the email by clicking 'Send Preview' and typing in your email address

13. Check all your spelling and grammar is correct

14. Click 'Begin the Campaign'

Your campaign will be available on the 'scheduled tab' until it is sent

That's it!