How to set up a Birthday Campaign


How to set up a Birthday Campaign:

What are Birthday campaigns? 

Birthday campaigns send your customer an offer on their birthday. It's a great way to give your customers a special treat on their birthday. 

It's important that you send your customer an offer that they would actually want to redeem in-store. 

How to set up a Birthday Campaign: 

1. Sign in to the merchant centre

2. Hover over 'Campaigns' and click 'Marketing Automation'

3. Scroll down to 'Birthday Campaign' and click 'Add New Campaign'

4. Select an offer from the drop down menu or create an offer. Remember - this is used as the subject line, as well as the campaign title. 

5. Select when you would like the offer to expire. This can be one, two or four weeks after the email was sent.

6. Upload a photo and drag it into position. Remember images need to be 600 x 300 pixels

7. Type content for the email - describe the offer. Keep it short, sharp and to the point. 

8. Type any fine print, related to the offer.  

9. Click send as soon as possible, or specify an appropriate time to send the offer. Sending it as soon as possible will send the campaign at the current time each day (if your customers have a birthday). 

10. Send a preview to yourself and check all your content. Make sure all your spelling and grammar is correct. 

11. Click send campaign

12. You will be able to see your campaign and view all your statistics from the 'Marketing Automation' page by clicking on the campaign

17. That's it!