How to set up an NPS campaign


Setting up a NPS Campaign from Goody Card 

NPS stands for the 'Net Promoter Score'. 

An NPS score gives a business an indication of how loyal a customer is at a give point in time. 

It's important to note, that even if you have a high NPS score, that does not necessarily mean that you have 'loyal' customers. Customer loyalty can be influenced by your product, price, promotions, service, branding, advertising, loyalty efforts or simply how the market perceives you. 

Use the NPS as an indicator of how your customer loyalty efforts are tracking at a given point in time. 

How to set up an NPS Campaign: 

1. Firstly, sign in to the merchant centre

2. On the left hand side, click 'Marketing Automation' 

3. Click 'Start a Campaign', next to 'Survey Campaign'

4. Click 'Add New Campaign'

5. Change the campaign status to 'Running'. You can see a preview of this on the right hand side

6. Click 'Save' and exit

7. To change the campaign settings, click 'settings' on the left hand side. 

8. Click NPS along the top

9. Select the time of day you would like the campaign to be sent. This defaults to (any time)

10. Select the days of the week you would like the campaign to be sent. This defaults to (any day)

11. Type how many days you would like the campaign to delay for, before it sends to new customers

12. Type in how many days to wait before sending to the same customer again

13. Click 'Save' to save your settings

14. That's it!