How do points work?


Points are unique to each Goody business. So members can only redeem points from the same business. 

*Some businesses may choose to share their points across all locations, ie. McCafe locations. Pending their part of the Goody loyalty programme.

Points for the business: 

Businesses set up points in the merchant centre. By default, points are set up per visit and increment by 5 points each time. 

So if a reward = 20 points, your customer needs to visit at least 4 times to earn a reward. 

Can Goody handle points per spend? 

Yes. Goody can be set up as a per spend value. This is particularly useful for bars and restaurants where you'd like to gift customers per high transaction spend. 

So if a customer spends $100 = 100 points. The rewards on offer, need to be relevant to the points you've set up. 

Ideally, in this scenario, you would want to set up rewards such as vouchers. Ie. 200 points = $20 voucher.