How to switch your Tablet WiFi off


If your Wifi connection keeps disconnecting, it's probably best to run your tablet on a 4G connection. Most tablets have an inbuilt SIM card in case this does happen.

Here's how to switch your Tablet WiFi off

  1. On the tablet Tap Tap To Scan
  2. Scan your manager's card
  3. Tap the Dashboard Tab
  4. Tap Log out
  5. On the tablet, next to the home button, press the symbol that looks like two rectangles
  6. A screen will now pop up. Tap the X on the top right-hand corner of the image
  7. Pull down the screen to find the search bar on the tablet
  8. In the search bar type in Wifi
  9. Tap on Sifi settings connections
  10. Switch off the wifi
  11. Click the home button to return back to the main screen
  12. Select the Goody Merchant App 

That's it!