Disabling WiFi and joining a 4G Network


Does your WiFi keep playing up, leaving your tablet offline? If so, follow the 9 simple steps below to switch your WiFi off and connect to your tablets 4G network.

Step 1:

On the Goody Tablet tap, Tap To Scan and scan in with your Manager's Card

Step 2:

Tap the Dashboard tab, and then tap Logout on the right-hand side of the screen

Step 3:

On the Tablet, not the screen, tap the logo which looks like Two Rectangles to the left of the Home Button

Step 4:

You will now have an image appear on your screen. Tap the on the top right of the image 

Step 5:

Hold one finger down on the top of the screen, and pull down the screen to view all the Apps

Step 6:

At the top of the screen will be a search bar. In the search bar type wifi

Step 7:

Select the Wifi settings connections and tap the wifi toggle to switch it off. It should no longer be highlighted

Step 8:

Press the Home Button on your tablet and tap the Goody App


Your tablet has now successfully connected to the 4G network