How to use Goody for Windows


What does my Goody Rewards program look like?

The below image is what your Goody rewards programme will look like when installed on your Windows device or POS. You will find this idle, operating in the background. 

If you want to minimize the Widget, double-click the Goody Icon. To maximise it, double-click the Goody Icon again.

How many ways can a customer sign up?

There are two ways a customer can choose to sign up. They can either download the Goody


or use a card to scan via your POS pending you have a 2D scanner. 

What should I tell customers? 

Be sure to promote your programme and the rules/terms. Never talk about the loyalty programme, always push the rewards on offer! 

Can customers sign up online? 

Yes, pending you've enabled online sign up via your website. 

What happens once I register a customer? 

You don’t need to do anything from your end. The customer receives a verification email after their visit, to verify their details and gives them the option to enter their details. 

Is there a difference between a customer scanning their card or scanning via their app?

No, they are both exactly the same. Nothing changes for you at the POS. The Goody Phone App will have a QR code which the customer scans on the scanner.


Let’s get started with Signing up new customers, Dealing with existing customers and Redeeming rewards …

How do I sign up a New Customer?

Step 1: Scan a New Goody Card on the scanner by holding it 10-15cm from the scanner. You will hear a ‘Beep’ when the card has been successfully scanned



Step 2: A Sign-Up screen will appear


Step 3: Fill out the Email and Phone sections, and ensure that YES is selected for Subscribe


Step 4: Click Register


Step 5: A Keypad will now appear. This is for you to enter the amount spent on their visit. You may notice that 10 points appear on the top right-hand side of the screen, these are automatically added for new sign-ups

Side note: The bonus points for signing up differ from store to store. Some stores may set this at 0 points and another at 75!


Step 6: Enter the dollar value for the transaction. For this example let’s assume the customer spent $40, so I will type in 40. Then Click Add Points


Step 7: A window will pop up with all the Rewards available. You can redeem points for the customer if they choose to use their points on this transaction – For this example, we will assume that they DO NOT want to use 50 points to redeem a Complimentary Hot Beverage. Just click Cancel to take you back to the main screen.


Congratulations, you just learned how to sign up your first customer, and should now be back at the main screen.


How does a customer Redeem Points?

In this example, we are going to redeem points for a customer. We will be using the same customer as our ‘Sign Up’ example above, who now has 60 points on their Goody Card. They loved their visit so much that they’re back for their second visit today!

Step 1: The customer will scan their card on the scanner

Step 2: If they are making a purchase, first enter their spend amount. Let’s assume they are spending $1. Then click Add Points

Side note - If they wanted to Redeem a reward without spending any money on their visit skip this step and just click the Red Redeem Button


Step 3: You will be taken to the rewards screen, so you can redeem the 50 points.


Step 4: To Redeem, click the 50 points and then click Select

Step 5: To confirm you want to Redeem the 50 points, click Redeem


Step 6: You will notice that the points have now reduced from 61 points to 11 points and no more Rewards are now available to the customer – Which means you’ve successfully redeemed a reward!


Final Step:

Click Cancel to get back to the main screen


How do I put through transactions for a customer who already has a Goody Card or Goody App?

If you’ve successfully completed the first two scenarios above, this will be a breeze!

Step 1: A customer will scan their existing Goody Card/App on the scanner and their account will pop up, without you having to enter any details – Look familiar from the redemption example?

All the steps after this are exactly the same. Enter the value and Add Points 😊