TeamViewer Support


Did you know that Goody now supports TeamViewer?

This means that we have remote access support available to all our clients via their POS, PC or even Tablet. So no matter where in the world you're located, we'll be able to help!

If you are having technical issues we can initiate a screen share, which allows us to take control of your device and attempt to resolve your issues for you.

Step 1: You will need to visit and download the TeamViewerQS file

Step 2:

Once downloaded double-click to open the file


Step 3:

You will be asked if you would like to allow Remote Control Access to Goody, select YES.


Step 4:

A window will pop up with a Session Code which allows us to connect with your device

Step 5:

Once you reach this stage give us a call on 0800 10 33 32 to notify us you're logged in, and one of our Support Technicians will be able to assist you.