How do I send an activation campaign?


An Activation Campaign is an automated email sent out to NEW customers which aims to incentivise a customer to return for a second visit. 

Customers will receive an email with your offer, a few hours after their initial visit.

Fact: Did you know that over 50-60% of new customers don’t return after their first visit. 

Step 1:

Hover over Campaigns select Marketing Automation, and Start an Activation Campaign

Step 2: 

Fill out the fields required for Step 1 to Step 6

Under Step 5 we recommend making the offer valid for 7 days

Step 3:

Click Start Campaign once you're happy with your campaign - Do make sure to keep checking your Campaign Preview on the right-hand side of your screen 

Your Activation Campaign is now live, and these emails will automatically be sent out for you :)