Ezidebit Fees and Manual Payment charges


All payments towards your Goody subscriptions are processed by EziDebit.

You may notice that the amount deducted for your monthly payment, does not match the monthly invoice. This is because the Ezidebit fee is charged separately by Ezidebit and cannot be reflected on our monthly statement.

Ezidebit Charges:

$5.50 Administration Fee for newly set up accounts

$1.20 Monthly Transaction Fee for Direct Debit Payments

4.4% On transaction amount for American Express Card Payments

2.75% On transaction amount for Mastercard Payments 


As of September 2018, the Direct Debit Monthly Transaction fee has increased from $0.90 to $1.20


Manual payments incur a monthly admin charge of $15 per billing contact. If you have multiple stores listed under the same billing contact you will only be required to pay the $15 charge once. Please note this is not a preferred method of payment.