At Risk, Lapsed and Lost Campaign Templates


Creating write-up's for your campaigns isn't always that easy, so we've put together a few examples you can use to boost your customer open rates.

Add your own personal touches, make it funny, maybe drop in a subtle pun, but most of all customize your emails to reflect your business's personality!

The title needs to grab your customers attention to prevent it from becoming just 1 of the 100 other emails deleted daily. 

No business can retain 100% of their customers. However, be proactive in your campaign approach so that you can win back At-Risk and Lapsed Customers before they’re officially Lost (forever)...

It’s up to you to reignite that spark with these customers with a heart-string pulling heading, charming write-up, and valuable offer.


  1. Long time, no see

  2. We Miss You: Save ___ Off Your Next Purchase

  3. We Miss You!

  4. Let’s stay together

  5. You + us. We miss that

  6. Breaking up is hard to do (so let’s not)

  7. Don’t be a stranger

  8. Hey stranger (optional- how have you been?)

  9. Don’t leave a good thing behind

  10. Something’s missing (optional – Hint: it’s you)

  11. It’s been too long!

  12. Psst… where did you go?

  13. We’re pining for you (seasonal)

  14. It’s been a while

  15. A good deal is always good news (in your inbox)

Template 1 (30 days):

To show our appreciation for you, we’d like to present you with a special offer. Visit us in the next 14 days, and save _______ on your next purchase!

Best Wishes,

The Team @_________

Template 2 (30 days):

We Miss You!

To show you how much we care, here’s a special offer…..

Template 3 (60-90 days):

It’s been a while since we’ve seen you. We hope you missed us as much as we missed you.

Why not book in/dine with ______ Off, as thanks for being our customer.

We hope to see you soon!

Best Wishes,

The Team @ ___________

Template 4 (60-90 days):

We’d love to see you again! We never forget a customer, and to show our appreciation for your business here is a special offer for _______ off your next purchase.

Come in to visit us to see what’s new!

Come in to visit us to check out our delicious menu!

Best Wishes,

The Team @ _________