How to list a public offer


At Goody, we have over 700,000 customers who use our Goody App and are part of the Goody Network. Your monthly subscription gives you access to our database via the app.

If you're trying to acquire new customers, you can list a public offer on our network which is accessible to our entire Goody database.

Before you get started, your offer must meet the following criteria:

1) It must be listed on the app for 1 year

2) If it is a dining offer it must exceed 20% Off (Up to a certain value), alternatively, it could be something like Buy 1 get 1 Free Mains

Once you're ready to have this setup call or email Goody, and we'll list your offer in our app.

It'll look a bit like this to all customers:

*If you are unsure of what a suitable offer is, please call or email us on