How does the Goody Enrol App work?


The Goody Enrol app is a free customisable signup station builder. It allows customers to enrol to your loyalty program and check their point balance themselves. All while seamlessly connecting with the Goody point-of-sale software.

If you've already got Goody Software, and find that you have too many customers holding up the queue at the Point of Sale, the Goody Enrol App is ideal! You can set up the tablet in a quieter section of your store where customers can sign themselves up and then scan their card at the POS, without disrupting the customer flow. 

What do you need? Your own Android or Apple Tablet Device. The App is completely free and can be downloaded via the App Store. Simply type in Goody Enrol


What can you do?

Customise the design: simple customisation design tools let you show off your logo, customise background images and colours. 

Enrol loyalty members: customers can easily register to your loyalty program by entering their email address or scanning their card. 

Check point balances: customers have access to check their point balance at any time simply by scanning their card. 

Sign in to your store: use your business account to sign in and access each store. Change store at any time. 

Important notes: Goody Enrol requires a registered Goody business account. Sign up online at