How to set up your Goody Enrol Tablet


Setting up your customized Goody Enrol Tablet is easy.

Before you get started: Make sure you've emailed yourself a primary image and your store logo and have access to it via the internet on your tablet. Save these to your devices' Gallery 

Let's begin!


Step 1: Downloading and Installing the Goody Enrol App

Log in to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
and download the Goody Enroll App


Step 2:

Launch the App, and log in with your email address, and Goody password

*note - do not try to use your email account password. It needs to be the same password used to login to your Goody Account. If you don't have this email us at

You should now be on the editable main screen


Step 3: Setting your background image

Click the spot marked X on your screen, and then select the images folder highlighted on the top panel


Your Gallery Images should now appear. Simply click on the image you'd like to set as your background


Your tablet screen should now update to the image you selected


Step 4: Set up your Primary Heading Text and Secondary Heading Text

Click on Primary Heading Text and begin typing in your content. Repeat this for the Secondary Heading Text


You can change your font colour by selecting the Fill Icon highlighted on the top panel


Your tablet screen should now be updated with your Headings and Background


Step 5: Changing your 'Register' and 'View Balance' Button colour

Click on either Register or View Balance, marked X on the screen, and then select a Fill Colour from the top panel


Step 6: Updating your Logo

To update your store logo, click the Logo box marked X, then click the gallery icon  on the top panel


Step 7: Saving the changes

Once you're happy with the way your Tablet looks, or just want to save the changes, click the Save Icon on the top panel


Your screen will now be ready for customer use, and a padlock icon will appear on the right-hand corner. This prevents anyone unauthorized from making any changes to the display


As an administrator, you can unlock and make changes to your display by clicking the Padlock Icon and entering the code 4242 to make changes. Just remember to click Save after