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Bella Vista Loyalty Software Procedure Guide & Training:

Goody provides the software to run the Bella Vista Accommodation Loyalty system

  • Customers can use their Bellavista Rewards card at any other Goody location
  • Customers that already have a Goody card can continue to use their same Goody Card with Bellavista.
  • Points earned with Bellavista are NOT transferable to other businesses and vice versa.
    Important You should encourage customers to download the Goody smartphone app, this will allow Bellavista better communication with customers and make getting your properties found by other members easier.

Setting up Staff Cards Staff cards allow you to:
1. Issue Points

2. Redeem Points and Rewards

3. Access the Customer Dashboard

Read how to set up a staff card


Step 1 - Signing up Customers

  1. New Customers
  2. Pick up a Card
  3. Tap ‘Sign Up Today’ on the tablet
  4. Hold QR code on tag about 10 cm from the camera
  5. Customer enters their email address, and presses confirm.
    If the customer already has a Goody Card, skip to Step 1.


Step 2 - Customer Email Verification

  • After a customer joins, Goody sends them an email to verify that their email address is correct.
  • The customer will click a link, and follow the steps to verify their email.
  • If they don’t get this email, it's most likely that they have an error in their email address. 
  • If the email is unverified, next time they scan, the screen will say ‘Is the email …. correct?’
  • To correct it or change it they need to click the ‘No, Change It’ button. 

Alternatively if they click ‘Yes, It’s Correct’ the verification email will be sent again.
If they have lost their card and the system can’t identify them, suggest they contact


Step 3 - Adding nights stayed

  • Click ‘Accrue Points’, and scan your staff card.
  • Select the dates that the customer is staying/has stayed and press ‘OK’.
  • The customer will get 5 points for each night that they stay.


Step 5 - Redeeming a Reward

  • Get the customer to click ‘Tap to Scan’, and scan their card.
  • Click on the reward they wish to use, and then click ‘Redeem’


Lost Goody Cards

If a customer has lost their card, they can pick up a new card, scan it and enter the same email address as the old one, the system will then link the new card to the old one and show all of their treatments etc.

Forgotten their Goody Card?
Click the ‘Tap to Scan’ button, then on the left side of the screen is a ‘Check in With Email’ button. Click this and enter the same email address. This is the same as scanning the customer's card and the points will be issued in the same way.

Note: If the system can’t find the customer it's most likely they have an error in their email address or have used a different email address. Suggest they contact:


Customer Member Center
Bellavista Members can login to the Goody website and check their points balances. Go to and Member Sign-in. It’s best to refer these users to the app in all instances.


Goody Mobile App
Customers can download the Goody app, view their points, rewards and keep their card all in one place.

How to Download the Goody App? To download the app search Goody Card in the App Store or Google Play. Or click the buttons on the Goody Home Page.


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