Setting up Goody for Windows


Your Goody Software runs on top of your POS allowing you to process loyalty transactions quickly and seamlessly.

This document is split into the main setup steps:

Once you are set up learn how to use the software.


Download the software by clicking the link below.

Once downloaded run Goody-Setup.exe by double clicking the file.



Your Goody Software should now open up, and request for you to enter your Email or Password


You will need to enter the email address and password set up for you by Goody. If you're not sure what this is please email

Login to your store by selecting your store, and then click Select


Your Goody software should now look like this:


Great, you've now successfully installed your Goody Software! Now let's learn more about how to use it


Update settings

To view your settings, click the green settings cog.


Notification zone:

  • Allows you to change where the action pop-ups appear on your screen

On-screen keyboard:

  • Opens an on-screen keyboard for POS systems which don't have a physical keyboard.

Disable scanner when minimized:

  • Turn this on if you use this PC for things other than running your POS to improve performance.


Set up scanner (optional)

Plug in a 2D barcode scanner or use an existing 2D scanner. Test the scanner by scanning a new card or the Goody mobile app.