How to use Goody for Windows


This document covers how to use the Goody software for Windows.


Searching for an existing customer

Click on the search option


You can now search a customer by phone number, email, part of their name. Note - you do not need to enter the entire email or contact number.


Click on the email of the customer, and this should bring up their details



Adding a new customer

Click on the Blue Icon, then enter the customer's email and phone number. Then click Register


This will create a new account

Step 2: 

Ask the customer if they'd like subscribe for extra points


Step 3:

Congratulations, you've just signed up a customer


You name notice that they appear as 'Not Registered'. What does this mean? Basically once a customer is signed up they are emailed a Verification Email. This email requests them to update their Full Name, Date of Birth and Contact number. Once they've completed verification, a name will appear when they are selected. 


Redeeming a reward

Step 1:

The orange gift icon is your rewards tab. When you see a blue circle over it, this means that a customer has a reward that they can redeem. To view this, click on the orange gift icon




Step 2:

Select the offer you wish to redeem, and then click Redeem.


Step 3:

The point balance should now decrease, and a pop-up will appear on screen with the updates.



Adding points

To add points to an account, simply click on the blue icon and type in the amount they spent in store. Then click Confirm



Viewing customer history

To view customer history, click the green icon.


If you accidentally added on too many points, use the history function to find the points and then click Undo. This will adjust the customer's balance.